January 5, 2013(Sat.) New Year Daiku Concert
Pasadena Master Chrale, supported by L.A.Daiku and Northlight
Music, Inc., will perform Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Dr. Jeffrey
Bernstein is the conductor of L.A.Daiku Symphony and Joint Chorus of PMC
and L.A.Daiku. The venue will be be determined later.   
(Assuming this concert will be the same as last year.)                            
June 25,7pm  Asia America Symphony Orchestra (AASA) 50th Anniversary
  The venue was The Norris Theater in Palos Verdes.  L.A.Daiku was
asked to  sing "Ode to Joy" at this remarkable occasion. All member of L.A.Daiku
responded enthusically to this great chance with support of Dr.Bernstein and
contributed to the success of this concert.      
June 19, 8pm  Japan Rescue "Beethoven's Ninth for Japan " Concert at
the Walt Disney Concert Hall
to rescue Japan's tsunami-struck aria and the profit was sent to japan. 25
members of L.A.Daiku joined the Chorus and expressed the appreciation to
American goodwill.
April 9, 6:30pm Charity Concert for North-Eastern Japan's Catastrophe on
March 13, 2011  
All musicians and chorus groups around L.A.aria united for the support of the quick
recovery of the devastated north-eastern Japan by raising fund through this
concert. L.A.Daiku fully participated in this. Total fund raised on that day was
$25,000 and handed to the area through Japanese conslet in LA.
January 7,  7:30pm  New Year Daiku Concert
This was done by Dr.Bernstein's initiative as well as L.A.Daiku's desire to bring
Japan's traditional "Year End Daiku Concert" to US. The venue was the San
Gabriel Mission Playhouse. The orchestra was newly formed "L.A.Daiku
Symphony" with 50 musicians. The chorus "Ode to Joy" was sung by 80 members
of L.A.Daiku and Pasadena Master Chorale conducted by Dr.Bernstein.    
June 5 and 6    29th All Japan Daiku Concert in Naruto, Japan
Naruto is the place where Beethoven's Ninth was performed first in jAsia-Pacific region in 1922 by
German WWI prisoner-of-war.  The Memorial Concert has been held annually and several hundreds
of Daiku singers get together from all over Japan to form
a huge chorus: this year 580 for singing " Ode to Joy".  Fifteen members of L.A.Daiku participated in
this big event as the first time participants from overseas.  
August 22    California Symphony "Beethoven and Broadway" Concert
The venue was the LA's premier Walt Disney Concet Hall and the orchestra was California
Symphony conducted by Maestro Victor Venor. Ms. Mary Lou Basaraba directed the chorus and  
sang the soprano solo. This was the first concert to L.A.Daiku as the one in  commercial basis.
April 17, Choral Session by Dr. Bernstein, the first chapter
Dr. Bernstein, Music Director of L.A.Daiku, was welcomed by the audience at the first Chorus
Session of four part series. The title of this chapter one was "Chorus and Community". Besides
L.A.Daiku members non-member guests attended and enjoyed his humorous speech and studied
how mutual services and relliance between members were important for choral activities.   
Following this chapter:  
May 8  2nd chapter "Three elements of music"..
June 19  3rd chapter "Vocal Teqnique of Choral singers'
APRIL 4    Easter Musical Service at the Mission Valley Free Methodist Church
For the Easter worship at the Mission Valley Free Methodist Church, twenty members of L.A.Daiku
sang "Hallelujah Chorus" by G.F. Handel conducted by Mrs. Keiko Suga,
L.A.Daiku alto. The performance was superb and praised by the congregation with warm clapping.
January 17   Forth Croatian Festival
Forth Croatian Cultural Extravaganza was held at historical monument "Warner Grand Theatre" in
San Pedro, Los Angeles. The male members of L.A.Daiku joined L.A.Glee Club conducted by Mr.
Yasumasa Tanano, L.A.Daiku's President, and sang Croatian patriotic song "U Boj  U Boj" and got
standing ovation.
August 29   Billy Bragg Beethoven Concert
At the Ell & Edyth Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was performed by Asia
America Youth Symphony Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Maestro David Benoir.  The lyrics of
this Ninth was written by Mr. Billy Bragg in English.  Twenty  three members of newly formed
L.A.Daiku participated in this concert as the first appearance on stage. .   
      L.A.Daiku   2009-2013
   Past Major Performances  
Oct.22, 5pm L.A.Daiku Inaugural Concert at Mission Valley Free Methodist
The program started from the opening  "America  the Beautiful" followed by
Japanese traditional songs, Western songs and the two choruses from Handel's
Messiah. The final was "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.
The venue of 250 seats was filled with audience and the inaugural concert of
L.A.Daiku was a great SUCCESS with full standing ovation!
Oct.15, 2pm Sambi (Glorification) Concert at the Torrance Faith
Methodist Church
To The Biennial Concert praising God's great achievement. Twenty members of
L.A.Daiku joined the choir to sing "The Heavens were telling" by Joseph Haydn
and "Hallelujah" by G.F.Handel.
Dec. 12, 7:30pm Messiah Sing-Along at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
As the one of biggest annual events in LA's musical scenes, 30 members of
L.A.Daiku enjoyed singing "Messsiah" with LAMC conducted by Gershon.     
June 5, 2pm 30th All Japan Daiku Concert in Naruto, Japan
15 members of L.A.Daiku showed up in this event as the second appearance   
They also sang Daiku at the Otsuka Musium in Naruto City.on the following day.
This event is called "Daiku in Musium"
Revised on January 20,2013
March 11,  4pm  Japan 3.11 Memorial Concert  2012
With the Dr.Bernstein's suggestion this remarkable event was materialized  
It is to remember the people lost under the black waves of the devastating
Tunami occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011, by way of having memorial
concert here in LA on the day of one year anniversary. The eight chorus
groups in Southern California got together for the the initiative at the West
Covina Christian Church.  "Fukushima Requiem" composed by Dr.Bernstein
for this day was sung by 120 singers and televised by NHK Japan TV all over
the world..          
December 1, 2011  Sat. 4pm Annual Christmas Concert for people    
Annual Christmas Concert for people (Shimin Concert )will be held in  Los  
Angeles by the big choir made jointly with  L.A. area Nikkei chorus groups and
sing JS Bach's Christmas Oratorio #1 ,G.F.Handel's "Messiah" and other
famous tunes for the general public as a Christmas gift. Keiko Suga of L.A.
Daiku is the manager, trainer and conductor.