Access to this site has been way over 1,000 as of the end of May 2012. The Japanese version had exceeded 7,000
as of August 2012.  It took about three years since we opened this site.  We have sent out our messages to the world
and also fulfilled the important role to communicate each other within the members. Thank you for those who have had
If you know someone complains that he/she cannot visit this site by any reason, please tell them to consult Webmaster
(Shinoda) of L.A.Daiku.    
Formal name: L.A.Daiku Associations,Inc.

L.A.Daiku   HOT NEWS          Nov.1, 2019
L.A.Daiku;s Inaugurate Concert on Saturday October 22, 2012 at the
Mission valley Free Methodist Church.  Photo by Mr.Kagami
BGM is a Japanese traditional song "Strolling along the beach " which was sung at L.A.Daiku Concert on Oct.14. 2012
L.A.Daiku Association, Inc.
A non-profit organization

Welcome New Members!     New member roster(Hotnews/bottom)

Special Rehearsal Schedule  for New members and others.
Although the the second "New year Daiku Concert" was done successfully, we are going to have
important concerts in June this year at Naruto and  also the 3.11 memorial concert 2013 and so on.   
For the preparation of these performances, we are to provide SPECIAL REHEARSALS of 30 min. for
new members and those who need more practice, prior to and after weekly regular rehearsals.  The
venue is the hall for our regular rehearsals at the HJCI.
New members as well as "seasoned" members are strongly encouraged to attend those sessions as
much as possible.  The schedule will be announced from time to time.

Rehearsal Schedule for 2013
Here is the schedule for 2013 with our instructors'names. ..... schedule
In the rehearsal schedules:
"Jeffrey" means that he is to give us mostly "Daiku(Beethoven's Ninth)"exercises throughout
the sessions and other songs like "Schenandoah". "arranged by himself for Daiku.
"Lauren" and "Robert" mean that they are to give us vocal exercises for 30 minutes of personal
Refer to the lesson rule and time table. Ms. Mimura is in charge.  

As Jeffrey told us at the April 28, 2012 rehearsal,L.A.Daiku was formed without any
audition and kept going in that way. We have been practicing one of the hardest choral
music such as the Daiku Beethoven's Ninth and doing remarkably well in his words.
However as long as we call us "L.A. Daiku", we must master "Daiku(No.9)" as per his
instruction. It would take much more time, but we would like to get together for the
target and practice harder.
Of course we must enjoy it, too.

L.A.Daiku Organization Chart
On the general member meeting on September 15, 2011 four managers were newly elected.
You may take a look at our new organization chart with the permission by the committee.

Welcome New Members!     New member roster(Hotnews/bottom)

L.A.Daiku Autumn Concert (Oct.22, 2012)。 Mr.Yoshino recorded and uploaded it to Youtube. Thank you!
「戴冠ミサ」 、(Coronation Mass C-major)
浜辺の歌」(Hamabe no Uta)「シェナンドーア」(Shenandoah) 
「第九・歓喜の歌」(Daiku-Ode to Joy)  

Mr.Yoshino, hasband of Mrs.Michiko Yoshino,Soprano, kindly uploaded his video of our inaugural
on Oct.22, 2011.  Enjoy the Youtube.

Ode to Joy 1  

Ode to Joy 2  

And the Glory of the Lord

Why We Sing

Danny Boy

When You Wish Upon A Star


Koyo no Tsuki 

America The Beautiful