April X, 2011  Orange County Sambi Taikai Concert
Annual Sacred month concert will be held in Orange County this year.
The chorus will be organized by Ms.Keiko Suga and will sing #14 of
Haydn's "Creation" and other tunes.  

This event was postponed to the fall 2011.
2012-2013 Season  Updated 2-7-2013
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March 10, 2013 (Sun.)  Requiem for Japan's 311 Disaster Concert
Dr. Bernstein is planning and organizing the second memorial
concert for the victims of the formidable earthquake and Tunami
on March 10, 2011. The detail will be announced soon.
To our great regret this concert for 2013 was canceled.
June 2, 2013(Sun.) #32 All Japan Beethoven Concert in Naruto
Since the first performance of Beethoven's Ninth in Japan, it has
past 95 years. This year the concert will be 32th and Dr. Bernstein
will be the conductor.
The enthusiasm for Daiku in Japan is increasing more and now
"Ten thousand Daiku " has already become an annual event in
Tokyo. L.A.Daiku, together with Pasadena Master Chorale, will
participate in this Naruto concert with the most members this