How to become a member
  L.A. Daiku is recruiting members all the time. There is no audition or similar thingS   imposed
on  candidates. Anyone who want
S to be a member of chorus and TO sing songs with pleasure  
will be welcome.

 Those who are interested in L.A. Daiku can ask anything to the office. You can also visit the
rehearsal any time.

Cost to be a member:
 One time registration Fee:            $  25
 Member fee: one month                $  45
           3 month payment              $135
           6 month payment              $270
  When becoming a member you will be taught singing in chorus by Dr. Bernstein, an active  
director/conductor for chorus groups such as Pasadena Master Chorale.
  Dr.Bernstein's Homepage: html

 L.A. Daiku thinks it important to get voice training for becoming a good member of chorus. Dr.
Lauren Buckley Share, the music director of Hollywood Master Chorale and Mr. Robert McNeil
are teaching vocalization to groups as well as individuals of L.A.Daiku. The individual lesson
needs a separate fee.

Dr. Buckley's homepage:
Mr.MacNeil's homepage :
You can also get the help from part managers to catch up with other

Rehearsal time:
  Once a week: Tuesday 6:30pm to 9:00 pm (extends until 9:30 pm as necessary )
Also in some cases like a joint rehearsal with Pasadena Master Chorale rehearsal venue will be
changed to some appropriate places than the venue underneath.  
Rehearsal place: Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute
                             3929 Middlebury St., Los Angeles  CA 90004   

Contact us:          Office of L.A. Daiku   Mr. Tanano
                     Tel: (310)625-4222(Daytime only)  
       L. A. Daiku    L.A.Daiku Association, Inc.      
     Updated 5-19-2017
BGM is L.A.Daiku's favorite song "Why we sing?"  Piano Hiromi Ando